Necklace Length Guide: How To Measure for The Correct Necklace Length


When it comes to the length of your necklace, SIZE MATTERS! There are various necklace sizes for women. Choosing the right size can help you frame your face and alter the overall style of your outfit. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can even stack different sizes together to create a completely new statement.

Check out the necklace size chart below to learn more:


COLLAR - A 12"- 14" necklace. Often considered the dressiest length of necklaces, collars are typically worn in multiple strands.  Collars are ideal for women who enjoy wearing V-neck or boat neck fashions. 

CHOKER - A 14"- 16"  necklace whose central pendant normally lies in the hollow of the throat or just below it. It looks especially attractive with V-neck blouses and dresses.

PRINCESS - A 16"- 20" necklace. This slightly longer length is well suited for most styles and can slenderize the neck.
MATINEE - A 20"- 26" necklace. Some people like to wear a matinee length along with a choker (layering). Or they have it strung with two hidden (mystery) clasps so it can also be worn as a bracelet (wrapped) and a shorter necklace.
OPERA - A 30" necklace about twice the size of a choker. It is quite common to see them as a way to dress up otherwise casual attire.
ROPE - A 45" necklace longer than an opera length. The defined length will vary according to the jeweler or company using term. This type of necklace can be knotted or twisted and used to embellish necklines of all different types. 
The length of your necklace can help you accentuate your style and flatter your face and body type. Layering different lengths will give your style a twist! Experiment with different lengths from the necklace size chart and find out what looks best on you!

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