Our Story

H Studio Jewelry - Artisan Crafted Adornments

It started as a small escape from my regular work day.  Something to stimulate my “right brain” creativity and imagination.   But what started as a leisure activity soon grew into an outlet for my creativity and passion.   As I began to invest more time and energy into my jewelry designs, I felt as if I found my calling.  Everything just clicked.  As my production time grew so did my creativity.  I am continuously exploring new techniques and designs.  Along with that, I enrolled in several jewelry workshops, seminars and classes.  So…

I decided to keep going.

I decided to follow my passion and take the leap.

It started with a dream and passion, and soon my mission evolved.  Create high quality, well designed jewelry to evolve your unique style   

By carefully sourcing high quality raw materials, I am able to curate jewelry that transcend the seasons.  We create timeless pieces designed to be collected and worn daily.  Express your individual look and unique style with stacked, layered and wrapped bracelets & neclaces.  Try a set of two or eight.  No matter your style you are sure to find something you love!  
Thank you for taking the time to stop by. So much new to come….stay tuned friend!